My personal best Chamois buck

2020 needs no introduction, it has been one of those years that is testing for a lot of businesses and we are no different.

New Zealand took a tough approach on Covid early on, shutting our borders at the end of March and this has essentially kept the virus out. We have avoided any major outbreaks, but the cost of this has meant our tourism sector has taken a huge blow. We missed nearly all of our clients for the season, with only a couple sneaking in for some early season hunts.
Reddin and Walton joined us for a quick wild ram hunt, with Walton taking two nice rams and a couple of goats to finish off their honeymoon trip to NZ.

Simon joined us from the European Alps and despite some tough weather conditions he secured a beautiful early season Chamois buck.

Sadly the border closed just as our main lot of clients for the roar were about to arrive.

Simon’s early season Buck Chamois

The upside to the closed border was that I got to spend some quality time with my family and got some personal hunting in. I spent the ‘Roar’ at my parents and took a stag with my oldest son Johnny (4 years old) and also took my mum out for a quick hunt and managed to find an old stag for her. To me this is what hunting is all about, sharing some experiences with your close family and friends.

My eldest Son Johnny with his first stag hunting experience

I squeezed in a couple more hunts over the winter and took some nice old Bull Tahr and found myself a good 10” chamois, something which has evaded me a for a few years.

A nice mid winter bull

At this stage I have moved all hunters who were booked in for 2020 to the same dates in 2021.

The New Zealand government is committed to an immunisation program (vaccines) before it re-opens our borders. At this stage we are likely to see some vaccines roll out early 2021 in some countries and areas, but it will take some time before these are widely and easily available for everyone.

My mum with a nice Marlborough Stag

I am predicting we might have some restricted travel during 2021, for some countries/areas where they have vaccinations or Covid-19 under control.
But we are unlikely to see open travel until late 2021/2022.

That’s my personal opinion and bear in mind that this is a changing situation and things are happening rapidly regarding the vaccines.

For hunters who have booked and paid deposits already there will be no additional charges and I will happily move dates to what fits in with available travel options.

I would like to thank all current clients for their patience, I know it has been frustrating but that is just the situation we are in right now. We look forward to the borders opening soon and getting back to what we love most, that is sharing the New Zealand wilderness with our clients.