9 12, 2018

2018 Kazakhstan Ibex Hunt

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Kazakhstan Late October my Uncle Bernie, good mate Rob and I went in pursuit of one of the pinnacles of mountain hunting, the Mid Asian Ibex. Our warm and comfortable base camp We slowly uncurled our bodies from the Hilux and stepped into the cool night air, camp at last! It was around 7 pm as we met our guides and camp staff, everyone was friendly and happy to see us, we were just glad to be out of the truck! We had left Almaty that morning at around 3.30 am, 300 km of driving on a nice highway were [...]

3 03, 2018

#agematters ??

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Over the last 6 or more months I have received quite a number of messages about aging Tahr and Chamois, from hunters both young and old. I’m not sure who appointed me an ‘expert’ but I thought I would share what I know, and hopefully this helps people to have a better understanding of the critters they have on their walls and things they see in the mountains. First up I would like to thank Ken Tustin who is arguably the ‘world expert’ on Tahr for reviewing what I have written and assuring it is as true as it can [...]

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