Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my firearm with me?

Yes! Currently it is quite simple to bring a hunting firearm with you into NZ. If you are bringing a firearm make sure you have the correct paper work and $25 NZD cash. See the NZ Police website for details. You will need to complete the visitors firearms licence form before you arrive.

We suggest bringing 40 rounds of ammunition and recommend a 200yard/meter zero. A .243 would be considered a minimum calibre for our game animals. A .270, 7mm rem Mag or other flat shooting calibre is an excellent choice.

You will need to check with any countries you may be transferring through on what their current laws are. Most hunters from North America and Australia bring their own rifles to hunt with us while a number of European hunters use our rifles as transfers through Asian countries can be difficult.

Can I bow hunt?

Yes you can! Our hunting areas are generally very open and spot-and-stalk is our main hunting method. We can, and do, host bow hunters most seasons. If you wish to take on the challenge of a bow hunt please let us know and we will arrange a hunt accordingly. If you intend to bow hunt you will need a high level of fitness as stalks can be physically demanding.

How hard will it be? How fit do I need to be?

You will need to have a good base-level of fitness to hunt. We hunt primarily by spot and stalk in the mountains. The better shape you are in physically and mentally the more you will enjoy your hunt. Wilderness hunts are best suited to those with mountain hunting experience, good health, positive mental attitude and a moderate to high level of fitness. If you are concerned about your fitness please talk to us when you book and we will do our best to take you to our ‘easier’ private areas.

Will we hunt a fenced area?

No. ALL of our hunts are fully free range on wild born animals. We do not believe ‘high fenced’ hunting to be in the best interests of the hunting industry. Helicopters are used for access only. All animals are hunted on foot.

What happens if I shoot my animal on the first day?

If you are lucky enough to take your trophy early, your hunt does not finish. We will continue to hunt for a better trophy, another species, or arrange some other tourist activities for you during your stay. Most hunters we have choose their ‘number one’ species to hunt and another secondary species we can hunt if time allows. Extra costs may incur depending on the type of hunt you are on.

How do I get my trophy home?

We work with a local and experienced taxidermist based in Christchurch. We will prepare animals in the field(skinning/salting where needed) and drop them to the taxidermist to either expedite your tanned/salted trophies home or mount them here and then ship them to you.

What happens when the weather is bad?

Weather plays and important factor in any mountain hunt. We plan our hunts with enough time to work with the weather. We also have hunting areas on both the west and eastern sides of the Southern Alps. This allows us to work around major weather problems as best we can. We do have ‘weather days’ and you need to have good rain gear and be prepared to use it if needed.

What’s included in the hunt?

Our package hunts are all inclusive trips. We will meet you at the airport/motel and take care of you for the entire duration of your hunt. All guide fees, food, accommodation, transport, trophy fees, helicopter time (where stated), trophy prep and delivery to taxidermy are included. Prices do not include gratuities/tips, taxidermy fees, extra trophies or alcoholic beverages.

How do I get there?

We are based in the center of the South Island and will pick you up from either Christchurch International Airport (preferred) or Queenstown international airport. If you are traveling from North America or Europe we recommend arriving one day before your hunt and spending a day at a motel/hotel. This helps greatly with jet lag and if there are any flight delays etc. We have about a 3-5 hour drive from the airport to our hunting areas depending on the type of hunt you are on. Because of this we prefer an early AM pick up (before 10am). We recommend booking your flights and any accommodation as soon as possible as NZ is a very busy tourist destination and it can be hard to find the right flights on short notice. If you are already in NZ we are happy to arrange to meet you near our hunting areas.

How far are the shots?

We generally try to get within 300 yards/metres to ensure good shot placement and recovery. But you should be confident shooting out to 350-400 yards/metres. I have kept an average over the last 3 seasons and around 200 yards/meters is the average shot. All our guides carry rangefinders

What is the success rate?

For our rifles hunts we are very proud to have a 95-100% success every year. Some outfitters in NZ run “100% success guarantee”, normally they sacrifice trophy quality (young animals) or hunting methods (Fenced areas and AATH/Heli Hunting) in order to achieve this. We pride ourselves on talking quality mature trophies by foot hunting methods.

Can I borrow a rifle?

Yes, you can. We have several quality rifles set up with good quality scopes and suppressors for our hunters to use. We currently have Tikka .243, Tikka .300WSM, Tikka .270win for our big game and two .223s set up for small game shooting. We do ask $150 per trip to use our rifles, this covers cost of ammunition and wear and tear.

Do you have small game to hunt?

Yes. Most of our private areas have some form of ‘small game’ to hunt. These can be taken free of charge on an opportunity basis. We have areas with high numbers of goats and wallabies. If this is something you are interested in adding to your hunt it can be easily arranged.