Hornady ELD-X Review

I have long used Hornady projectiles, mainly because they are well priced, the easiest to reliable source and they shoot well in all the rifles I have used them. Recovered from a Bull Tahr at 350 yards, broke one shoulder one way in and under skin on far side of gut bag(quartering shot) Late 2016 I purchased a Tikka .300wsm super lite to be our main client rifle, we have 3 other Tikkas and they are reliable workhorse rifles and I chose .300wsm as an good step up from any other caliber we had, and .30 cal offers a huge [...]

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Scarpa Grand Dru GTX

Scarpa is a well Known Italian boot maker that have been producing quality footwear since the 1930s. I picked a pair of their ‘Grand Dru GTX’ at the start of my 2017 season and worn them extensively throughout 2017 and 2018. The Grand Dru is a classic mountaineering boot based off Scarpa’s ever popular Mont Blanc boot. The main difference being insulation and a tighter cuff (built in gaiter) on the Mont Blanc. The boot is made with 3mm Perwanger Suede leather upper, which is very durable and water resistant. A full Gore Tex lining makes this a very water [...]

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Twin Needle Stock Pack

Stock pack fitted to my Tikka .300wsm For those that don’t know, Twin Needle is a small company based in Christchurch which specialises in custom gear modifications, repairs, and produces its own products for the hunting and ‘tactical’ market. I first used their services 3 years ago when I had a sleeping bag repaired and refilled, they offer a wash and refill of down products, which can bring that ol worn out sleeping bag back to life, at a fraction of the cost of a new bag. I have had a bag and one jacket refilled and it has made [...]

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2018 Kazakhstan Ibex Hunt

Kazakhstan Late October my Uncle Bernie, good mate Rob and I went in pursuit of one of the pinnacles of mountain hunting, the Mid Asian Ibex. Our warm and comfortable base camp We slowly uncurled our bodies from the Hilux and stepped into the cool night air, camp at last! It was around 7 pm as we met our guides and camp staff, everyone was friendly and happy to see us, we were just glad to be out of the truck! We had left Almaty that morning at around 3.30 am, 300 km of driving on a nice highway were [...]

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2018 Season

Well the 2018 season has been a very busy one! I would like to thank Tim and Jimmy for their efforts in guiding this season, both have produced some awesome hunts, and of course a big thank you to all the hunters who made the season possible. I have been winding down at home over the last week or so and am now busy preparing next years hunts. We still have some spaces for 2019, if you are after the real NZ hunting experience contact us now to organize the trip of a lifetime. Guide Jimmy with Chris's Stag, this [...]

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Earth Sea Sky Review, Below the Belt

We all know the famous NZ made hunting clothing brand and how it changed the NZ outdoor industry. But there is a family who has been at the core of the NZ outdoors for nearly 100 years. The Ellis family started out in the outdoors industry with Roland Ellis making some of the very first down filled sleeping bags in the 1920s, they outfitted Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to the top of Everest and saw Edmund Hillary across Antarctica. The Ellis’s have been at the forefront of climbing, tramping and outdoor technology in NZ, also introducing the first internal [...]

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#agematters ??

Over the last 6 or more months I have received quite a number of messages about aging Tahr and Chamois, from hunters both young and old. I’m not sure who appointed me an ‘expert’ but I thought I would share what I know, and hopefully this helps people to have a better understanding of the critters they have on their walls and things they see in the mountains. First up I would like to thank Ken Tustin who is arguably the ‘world expert’ on Tahr for reviewing what I have written and assuring it is as true as it can [...]

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Mountain Hunt Preparation, Shooting and Mental attitude

Shooting In mountain hunting pulling the trigger is less than 1% of the hunt, but it is very crucial. As a guide, a missed shot can be one of the most frustrating things on a hunt, all the hard work to get into a good position and then a miss. This is difficult for any hunter to deal with, especially if you have spent a lot of time, money and effort on getting to that shot position which is normally the case. A wounded animal is an even more frustrating situation. There are an enormous number of factors that come [...]

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Mountain Hunt Preparation, Gear and Fitness

It goes without saying that a little goes a long way when it comes to preparing for a hunt, especially a mountain hunt where your gear and fitness can have a significant impact on your success and enjoyment. Through the years of my guiding and personal hunting I’ve noticed some things that work well, and more importantly the things that don’t. As a guide, I have the privilege of getting to ‘test’ and view a lot more gear and ideas than I would ever be able to recreationally. These are my observations, opinions and advice, and at the end of [...]

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Pimp your Boots for winter

Spring is well on its way down here in the south and we prepare for the spring flush of freezer filler yearlings and blonde bull Tahr, for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere snow is starting to settle and the long winter is beginning. Winter hunting presents a lot of challenges for the serious mountain hunter, short daylight, un predictable and severe weather, snow and ice are all a battle to contend with. But for some the lure of big winter skins and the hope that animals may be pushed to lower elevations is a big draw card. This winter [...]

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