In the spring of 2016(October) I was gifted a 240 Peleton hoodie by James Dorret. At the time I didnt think much of it, but it has become one the most used pieces of gear I own.

Kuiu launched the Peleton line in 2015, using Primaflex fabric from Toray. Primaflex is a polyester knit fabric, which is meant to have better wicking and stretch properties than traditional polyester fabrics.
This fabric lends it self to base and some mid layers, where fast moisture transfer and comfort are of number one priority.

The Peleton 240 hoodie is the heaviest weight of the Peleton series and is designed to fit in as a light mid layer or outer layer in warmer conditions.

The unique knit design of the 240 weight fabric means that the fabric itself is very wind resistant without the need for a membrane, this means you still retain a very high breathability and comfort in windy conditions.

The hoodie is a full zip design with thumb hole sleeves, the hood itself is without a draw-cord but snug fitting. Two zippered hand pockets complete the piece.

The hood and thumbhole cuffs are perfect for cold weather

In The Field

Initially I did not think much of these lighter mid layers, as they are a bit half way to no where. Not warm enough to be a proper mid/insulation layer, and too heavy to be a base layer.
But the reality is it covers both uses very well and is the one bit of gear I always have with me, summer or winter I always have this hoodie in my pack.

My typical layer system for my hunts is usually a merino base layer, then the Peleton hoodie, then insulation/rain gear as needed. In colder weather I just add more Merino base layers. In extreme hot I will swap out the merino for a light long sleeve shirt.

The Peleton fabric dries well and I have been impressed by the wind resistance. It obviously is not as good as a full windproof membrane, but for most conditions it bucks the wind well enough to not need any other layers.

Fit wise Kuiu generally run quite small and the Peleton 240 is no exception, I am what I would say a ‘medium’ (5’10” and 160lbs/178cm and 70 odd Kg). The hoodie I was given is a XL and it certainly is not too big. A large would work aswell, but the XL gives me more options to layer underneath. I would order at least one size up for most Kuiu pieces.

The hood is great as both concealment for close stalks and for keeping your head warm, it fits like it should and does not interfere with vision or shooting.

The warmth of the 240 weight is perfect for a versatile layer, in hot weather this is the only ‘insulation’ I carry, and in cold weather it makes the perfect active mid layer, not too warm to walk in, but warm enough for shorter periods of glassing.

This is the only wear on my top after alot of use, I am very pleased with how this fabric has held up


A mid layer is the piece of gear most likely to bear the brunt of abuse and I have been impressed with the durability of the Peleton Fabric. I have worn this hoodie extensively for the last 3 years ( probably 150+ days per year) and it has held up very well. I am just now starting to see some wear around the cuffs, and a few holes here and there, but over all it is still a perfectly functioning top.

Its hard not to recommend the Peleton 240 hoodie, it is a very versatile layer and one that is always in my pack.