27 06, 2019

Kifaru Slik Bag Review

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Two Slik bags showing the roomy mummy style with center zip Kifaru Slik Bag I picked up a 'Slik' bag from Kifaru’s shop in Denver in September 2015, and over the last couple of years have tested it across various environments and temperatures.   Kifaru mainly seem to specialize in their packs and Tipi tents but have been making these bags for quite some time, they also make an insulated jacket using the same fabric and insulation(Lost Park Parka-https://hardyardshunting.co.nz/2019/05/12/kifaru-lost-park-parka/). Design The Slik bag is what I would call a ‘roomy’ mummy style.  It is a shaped mummy style bag but is [...]

12 05, 2019

Kifaru Lost Park Parka

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Tim and I in some wintry conditions, I'm pretty sure I look warmer than him..... Kifaru is best known for their packs and tipi tents, but they also make a growing range of synthetic insulation products based around Climashields APEX insulation.Kifaru have made their ‘Lost Park Parka’ (LPP) for some time now and they recently added a full zip option in addition to their classic pull over parka style. The team at Kifaru kindly sent me a full zip version mid-2018, and it got its fair share of use during my 2018 season.  The 'Lost Park Parka' full zip is [...]

25 06, 2017

Kifaru Argali Review with 2018 updates!!

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I have just finished up my main 2017 season of guiding putting around 110 days on the hills, plus my own personal hunting and scouting before the ‘season’ started. Nearly every single one of those days I wore the Kifaru hunter frame with the Argali pack fitted. I got this pack late 2016 replacing my Kuiu Ultra 6000. For those who have not heard of Kifaru they are based out of Denver Colorado and specialize in packs, light weight tipis and stoves. They also make some other products like sleeping bags and insulation pieces. They make all their gear in [...]

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